When you purchase a clownfish from the Clownfish Hatchery™, you are supporting captive bred aquaculture, and the impact it has on our reefs and ocean inhabitants. All of our clownfish are tank bred and tank-raised. That means we do not import wild-caught clownfish, nor do we own any wild-caught clownfish. We are license by the Florida Department of AquacultureJuvenile Grow Out Tank, and our facility is registered with the state. 

The Clownfish Hatchery™ is a small, localized breeder on the Emerald Coast of Florida. One of the advantages of being small is that we can care for our clownfish individually, as we would a beloved pet. The tanks are cleaned weekly, sometimes twice weekly, and all of our aquariums are run on a commercial RO water system for the highest quality water conditions. All of our clownfish, including our babies, are provided with live rock, live sand, corals and anemones. This is not something you would find with a large scale breeder. Most breeders keep their clownfish is abysmal conditions, allowing them only 6 inches or less of swimming space. That does not happen here at the Clownfish Hatchery™. All of our breeder pairs have their own individual 20 gallon or 30 gallon aquarium, with a recreated reef environment to keep them healthy, exercised and entertained. It always pains me to see pictures of breeders keeping their clownfish in bare bone tanks with nothing but a clay pot. I feel it is cruel, not much different than a puppy mill. To the right, you will see a picture of one of our breeder pairs tending to eggs on the rock and relaxing in their anemone, enjoying a safe care-free life.

Our clownfish fry have several grow-out stages of tanks, each equipped with liverock and sand for them to play in and interact with each other. Clownfish are very curious and love to explore. We provide them with that environment at each stage of development. When they become juveniles, they are introduced to larger tanks with powerheads and reef cleaners to keep them busy (FYI clownfish babies loves to play in the water streams). By providing Juvenile Grow Out Tankthem with the optimal environment, we believe it helps them to better adjust to tank life in our customers home. The only time you will see one out of the grow out tank is when we take them out for their individual photo shoot. As a courtesy to our customers, we offer WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) on many of our clownfish with several pictures and a video of each clownfish for sale so you can see exactly what they look like and what you are getting in advance. This is rarely done with other breeders when purchasing online. I will admit this takes a lot more work and time to do, however we consider it a labor of love. We aim to provide the best service and clownfish possible. This personalized service also includes free local delivery to our customers. You read it right! We will hand-deliver your clownfish to your door, avoiding the dangers and risk of shipping fish. If you live within 50 miles of area code 32444, you qualify for free delivery. Please read our Delivery page for more details. Unlike most fish breeders and retailers, you can call us directly. You can speak to someone individually to address all of your questions, concerns, and needs. If we are out at the time of your call, you can leave a message or send a text, and we will promptly return your call. Our goal is to change the way clownfish breeding and selling is done, providing the healthiest and happiest fish possible.