Aquarium Maintenance


The Clownfish Hatchery, LLC. is proud to offer our commercial clients with quality, affordable aquarium maintenance. We understand the needs of a healthy aquarium, as well as the needs of our clients to provide their customers with a satisfying experience when they gaze into a beautiful reef aquarium or freshwater oasis. Aquariums require time and dedication to achieve success. Let us take the worry and hassle off your hands and provide you with a professional reef or freshwater display you can be proud of. We are licensed and insured.

Our services include 4 monthly visits to keep your aquarium clean, healthy and beautiful. We provide all salt, R/O water, filtration media, and chemicals. That's right! You don't have to purchase any basic necessities for water quality. It's all included in the monthly service fee.

Just give us a call and we will visit your business for a free evaluation. This includes water testing, inspection of aquarium and equipment, and observation of tank inhabitants. We will give you recommendations on what is needed to improve or maintain your current aquarium conditions, as well as give you an estimate of our services.

We will assess your aquarium in person and give you the best price possible. No longer will you be trapped in the 'everything up to 100 gallons' snag. Why should you pay the same price for maintenance on a 20 gallon tank as you would for a 100 gallon tank? There is no aquarium too small for us to service.

Examples of our prices include:

20 gallon - $30-$35 a month

30 gallon - $40-$50 a month

40 to 55 gallon - $55-$65 a month

60-75 gallon $70-$85 a month

90-125 gallon - $90-$125 a month

And so on....

Not only do we offer lower prices than other companies, but we also visit twice as often to ensure your aquarium thrives. We visit once a week, that's 4 times a month! At no extra charge.

We are insured by Progressive Business Advantage so you can have peace of mind that you are hiring a company with general liability insurance. That means if there is damage caused by our gross negligence, your property is insured up to 300K. 

Don't forget we breed beautiful designer clownfish! As a client, you will receive 15% off any clownfish purchase. We will bring your clownfish from our door to yours, which includes acclimation, and a guarantee on your clownfish for 14 days.

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