Gift Set

Local Deliveries:
All of our local deliveries, deliveries in which we hand-deliver the fish to your door, come in a complimentary gift set. The gift set includes a decorative carrier, a plush clownfish toy, a care sheet, and an adoption certificate. We want to make your experience with us special and thank you for your purchase. You may also choose to send a clownfish to your friends or loved ones. The clownfish will arrive in the box display above, however the color of the tissue paper may vary depending on the season i.e red during the holidays, orange during Halloween, etc. The clownfish plush may only be available for a limited time, depending on our ability to purchase more from the supplier or if they run out of stock. You are always welcome to give us a call, send an email or text to find out if they are still available.
Only one plush toy will be delivered per order, not per fish. We can fit up to three clownfish in each carrier (If you order 5 clownfish, you will recieve them in two decorative carriers but only receive one plush toy as quantities are limited). Each individual clownfish comes with an adoption certificate as proof that your clownfish was born and raised in the Clownfish Hatchery (If you order 2 clownfish, you will receive two adoption certificates with your delivery). Every breeder has a reputation. As such, we strive to make owning a Clownfish Hatchery clownfish an ownership of pride and value. Each certificate will be signed and dated. Do not purchase a clownfish from a seller claiming that it is a Clownfish Hatchery fish unless that seller shows you proof and includes the adoption certificate. 
Overnight FedEx deliveries:
Unfortunately, gift sets are not available with orders that are shipped via FedEx. The fish must be packaged differently for safety and cannot include the plush toy or carrier. All customers who choose to have their clownfish shipped overnight will still receive a care sheet and adoption certificate.