Delivery & Policy



The Clownfish Hatchery™ is currently offering Panama City, FL. residents, as well as surrounding cities Lynn Haven, Southport, Callaway, Cedar Grove, Springfield, Parker, and Bayou George free local delivery with no minimum order (order must include clownfish). What does free local delivery mean? It means that we will hand-deliver your clownfish to your door at no charge. Once you make your purchase online, we will setup a delivery time that accommodates your schedule. We will then carefully bag up your fish and drive it to your door, which gives the fish's total time in the bag 15-20 minutes. This means less stress for the fish, no harmful ammonia build up, no risk of damage by harshly tossed and mishandled delivery boxes, no fluctuating temperature shifts, and no chance of stress-related diseases such as ich - it means no more DOA (dead on arrival)! We insure that your clownfish arrives safe, happy, and healthy straight from our tank to yours.

There is no minimum order for free local delivery for the following Florida cities: Panama City, Lynn Haven, Southport, Callaway, Cedar Grove, Parker, Springfield, Bayou George. 

There is a minimum order of $100 for Panama City Beach, Tyndall Air Force Base and Ebro. You can bypass this minimum order if you choose to meet us in town at a designated drop off location.  

There is a $300 minimum order for the nearby cities of Destin, Fort Walton, Youngstown, Sunnyside, Rosemary Beach, Watersound, Grayton Beach, Point Washington, Santa Rosa Beach, Miramar Beach, Okaloosa Island, Santa Rosa Island, Wynnehaven Beach, Navarre, Fountain, Round Lake, Alford, Chipley, Bonifay, Sunny Hills, Vernon, New Hope, Marianna, Wetappo, Wewahitchka, Mexico Beach or any city within 50 miles of Lynn Haven, FL.  

Click On the map below and enter your zipcode to see if you are within 50 miles of Lynn Haven, FL. If you are only a few miles over, please email us and we will do our best to accommodate you.




For all customer that are outside of our 50 mile limit, or do not meet the minimum order, will receive their clownfish via FedEx Overnight. You can fit up to 4 fish in the same box for $25, $35, $45, or $50 depending on your state. Your fish will be carefully packed within a foam insulated box along with heat or chill packs depending on the season. Shipping will not be available between the winter months of December, January, and February for States outside of Florida. 

REFUND FOR SHIPPED FISH: There is no risk of DOA (Dead on Arrival) for Free Local Delivery. Should something happen along the drive, which would be very rare, a replacement fish will be delivered in its place. There is, however, risk involved with Overnight Shipping. Should your clownfish parish during travel, we will issue a store credit for the deceased fish. Shipping cost is not included in the credit, as services are rendered at the time of delivery. The customer must provide picture proof of the deceased fish within two hours of delivery in the unopened bag. If the fish is removed from the bag, the guarantee is voided. It is within our rights to request a return of the deceased fish if we deem necessary before a credit is issued (i.e. pictures are not clear or a discrepancy occurs). We only guarantee live arrival, as the tank environment and conditions of the customer are unknown. The customer must be home to accept the delivery on the designated delivery day or another person capable of receiving the fish and acclimating it. We will set up a delivery day prior to the shipment of the fish so the customer is prepared in advance. If the package is delayed by the post office, by no fault of our own, a refund will not be issued if it results in a deceased fish. Please check your weather prior to ordering or scheduling a delivery to make sure storms will not delay your package.

REFUND FOR ANY OTHER REASON: All sales on fish are final. No refunds will be issued for any reason except for DOA (dead on arrival). Once our clownfish leave our facility, we have no control over the conditions of the customers' tanks or tank inhabitants, or how the fish is handled. Therefore we cannot accept the fish back as it may parish during its return or return with parasites or diseases, or fatal injuries. It is the customer's responsibility to make educated decisions on safe tank inhabitants and to insure a safe, healthy environment for the fish. 

Please note, travel is stressful for fish and the fish may become ill during shipping. It is to be expected with any live animal. Many fish can pull through after a few days, and some do not. It is impossible to determine how a fish will endure shipment. It is the customer's responsibility to tend to the fish and insure it has the best possible chance of survive. If the fish is laying on the sand and other tank inhabitants are picking at it or causing it stress, the customer should move the fish to a quarantine tank or breeder box. Appropriate medications should be administered.

REFUND FOR DRY GOODS: We will, however, accept returns on dry goods within 7 business days if the product is defective. It is the responsibility of the customer to ship the item back for an exchange or a refund of the product. No refunds or exchanges will be given if the item is not returned, or if we determine that the product was broken by negligence. If the item is damaged during return shipment, it is the customer's responsibility to purchase insurance on the package prior to sending the package. A refund will not be issued for damaged returns. 

Returns: We do not accept returns on fish under any circumstance. Once our clownfish leave our facility, we have no control over the conditions of the customers' tanks or tank inhabitants, or how the fish is handled. Therefore we cannot accept the fish back as it may parish during its return or return with parasites or diseases, or fatal injuries.

BOND MY PAIR: If you purchase 2 or more fish (must be in sets, 2,4,6,8, etc.) you have the option to select "Bond My Pair" and we will place your pair in a single tank setup for 7-14 days and allow them to bond. As soon as your pair establishes dominance and one is clearly submitting to the other, the pair are sleeping and swimming together, we will send you a confirmation video and then ship your fish to you. We are offering this as a free service right now as a courtesy to our customers. If you order more than one pair, all pairs will be held until all clownfish are ready to ship. We will not split the order up and ship as they bond, as the cost of shipping would be too great. If you want the pairs bonded on a pair by pair basis, then you will have to create an order for each pair and pay separate shipping charges. We do our best to bond each pair to the best our ability. We cannot guarantee that they will remain bonded once they are in their new environment. The female clownfish may go through a territorial phase once they are in the new tank and will chase the male away from the spot she has selected. She may accept the male back within a couple weeks, or she may select another male if another clownfish is present. We cannot control their individual behavior.