Hikari Prazipro 4oz

Clownfish Hatchery


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Hikari Prazipro is a ready-to-use, liquid-concentrate Praziquantel Treatment to get rid of pesky parasites in your tank like flukes and tapeworms. It is proven 100% safe for common aquarium inhabitants and it won't negatively alter biological filtration. It's so safe that it can be applied regularly as a preventative solution. Say bye-bye to harsh chemicals and pesky pests!

  • Treats the ff: flukes, tapeworm, flatworms, turbellarians
  • Won't have negative effects on biological filtration
  • Can be used regularly as a preventative solution
  • Recommended before applying Ich-X (as a separate treatment)
  • Directly targets infected areas
  • Can be used for both saltwater or freshwater
  • 100% proven and tested safe

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