WYSIWYG Bonded Pair Black Ice Mocha Extreme Clownfish

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Size: 2 1/4 inches

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These are a bonded pair of Black Ice Mocha Extreme Clownfish. They are two beautiful fish with lots of blue. Together, their offspring will be Black Ice, Black Ice Mocha, Chocolate Mocha, Caramels, Mochas, Black Ice Special, and Black Ice Extreme, Flurry, and possibly Frostbites. 

 The Black Ice Mocha Clownfish is part of the Amphiprion Ocellaris family. The Black Ice Mocha Clownfish is named so for the intense black outline around the white snowflake pattern bands on its body and fins, which are not present on a common Snowflake. It also has the same brown body tone of a mocha clownfish, which will darken with age. As juveniles, the snowflake pattern is not as refined as an adult's pattern. However, as it grows and matures the edges take shape and becomes something truly unique. Each individual clownfish is different and will have unique coloration and patterns all its own, which is what makes designer clownfish so desirable.

* Every clownfish comes with an adoption certificate.

  • Minimum tank size: 20 gallons
  • Maximum growth size: 4 inches
  • Foods we feed: Flakes, pellets, frozen cyclops, spirulina, occasionally brine shrimp. A variety is best for optimum health. 
  • How often to feed: As an inhabitant in a display tank 1-2 twice a day will suffice. For an adult clownfish intent on breeding, feed 4-5 times a day in smaller portions.
  • Temperament: Peaceful if it does not have a mate. If you have a pair, they may fight each other if not bonded, or if they are bonded they will become aggressive if they are breeding. Some clownfish will guard an anemone and be aggressive towards anything that comes near it. Each individual fish is different and will behave according to their own personality. 

Shipping: All customers outside of our 50 mile radius can still own one of our clownfish. Fed Ex Overnight delivery is available within the US except for states with livestock restriction such as Hawaii. We do not ship during the months of December-February as the risk to the fish is too great during these winter months. 

DOA: There is no risk of DOA (Dead on Arrival) for Free Local Delivery. There is, however, risk involved with Overnight Shipping. Should your clownfish parish during travel, we will issue a store credit for the deceased fish. Shipping cost is not included in the credit, as services are rendered at the time of delivery. The customer must provide picture proof of the deceased fish within two hours of delivery in the unopened bag. If the fish is removed from the bag, the guarantee is voided. It is within our rights to request a return of the deceased fish if we deem necessary before a credit is issued (i.e. pictures are not clear or a discrepancy occurs). We only guarantee live arrival, as the tank environment and conditions of the customer are unknown. The customer must be home to accept the delivery on the designated delivery day or another person capable of receiving the fish and acclimating it. We will set up a delivery day prior to the shipment of the fish so the customer is prepared in advance.  



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